Put an unwanted gift card to good use

We all remember the times when our beloved grandparents presented a special envelope for the holiday, in which there was a brand new crispy banknote. Yes, at fourteen that $20 was a welcome gift. But years have passed and now it has become not so fashionable to give money. Gift cards have replaced real banknotes. They give us a good opportunity to choose a gift ourselves, but sometimes they just don’t fit.

Did the same Aunt Sarah give you a certificate to go to a popular steakhouse in your hometown? It would be just great if you weren't living 5 hours away now and haven't been a vegan for over 10 years.

Many of us have an accumulation of unused and unwanted gift cards. Some even throw them away, not wanting to litter the space in the drawers. Do not rush to do this, we will tell you how to use old certificates.

Please check the balance of your gift cards before you take action. You need to know how much money you have. After that, choose something from the list below:

Give a gift card to relatives

Even if you have not eaten meat for more than 10 years, you will surely have an uncle or cousin who will be happy to visit the steakhouse mentioned above and have a great time there. And you will get moral satisfaction from the fact that you have pleased your loved ones with a surprise.

Donate bonuses to charity

Many organizations are involved in charity in our time, helping people and animals in difficult situations. They accept gift cards as donations, so donating plastic for a good cause is a great way to use your unspent bonus.

Engage in an exchange

This operation will require some time from you. You can register on the same Reddit and in the corresponding section find someone with whom you can exchange gift cards. Or even the goods purchased on them. In this age of high-speed Internet, finding such people is not impossible.

Earn money with your gift card

This is what sounds optimal and reasonable for each of us. You can turn an unwanted gift card into real money with little effort. And there are always places to spend them.

Making it easier than you think. Just go to our resource, enter the name of the seller and the balance of the gift card in a special window and find out how much money you can receive shortly. This site has long specialized in gift card transactions and promises a refund of up to 93% of the face value of unused certificates.

By the way, you can also find out the balance of your gift card on our site.

Just imagine, this little piece of plastic, which has been collecting dust in your desk drawer for a long time, can give you a great opportunity to buy what you need in the coming days. The card regains the status of a gift card thanks to the offer of our company.

It's time to clean up the table and find a worthy use for stale gift cards. Realize your opportunities to buy what you really need, it can be done quickly and profitably!