How to turn unwanted gift cards into cash

We all have such a box in which “necessary” and useful things are stored. The ones that have been gathering dust for years. Even Marie Kondo herself could not find a place for this set of objects if she wanted to. And, of course, in the far corner of such a box, there will be several gift cards, carefully fastened with a bright and beautiful elastic band.

Oh, this load of unused bonuses! These are cards of stores where you will never buy a single thing that is located very far and does not have free delivery. Why some of these outlets are already closed forever. Also, many keep several gift cards of the same type at once, each of which has a little money left from previous purchases.

It's time to sort out this collection of plastic you don't need!

Gift cards can be simple and complex at the same time. They are convenient for the giver because he does not think about the gift, giving you a choice. This is correct, on the one hand. On the other hand, the implementation of such gift cards can cost you a lot of effort. For example, if they are released by a store where you never make purchases because the goods sold there are simply not interesting to you.

The solution to such problems will be the use of conventional gift cards such as VISA or Amazon. But they also have their drawbacks: when you use this bonus money, you will have to pay a certain amount in addition.

How to turn unwanted gift cards into cash

By following the instructions described below, you will soon have funds for the purchases you need and are interested in. Follow the step by step and replenish your budget effortlessly.

  1. Find out what you have

You must find out the total amount of bonuses. Check each of the gift cards lying around. To do this, simply go to the store's website and enter the code on the back of the card in a special window.

If you have multiple certificates from the same vendor, you can combine them into one. To do this, call the support service of this network and talk with the manager. This service is available in most retail outlets.

  1. Do you need these cards?

The question is rather rhetorical because these neat pieces of plastic have been lying idle for more than a month, only taking up space in your “special” box. But still, try to answer it seriously.

You now know how much money you have, so you can figure out if this bonus money will benefit you? Will you buy anything else from these outlets? If not, skip to the next step in this guide. But if yes, wait a day or two and ask yourself this question again. Maybe those low-rise jeans you bought 5 years ago were really good, but is the store still relevant to you today? And after thinking it over carefully, still, go to step number 3 - this will be the right decision.

  1. Get money for what you really need

Instead of keeping a bunch of gift cards that will never be used, you'd better sell them and get money for the goods and services you need. Pay attention to the sites GiftCash or CardCash. They promise over 90% compensation of the face value of bonus certificates you don't need.

Sell ​​the gift cards you don't need and spend the money you earn on the things you need today. This way to turn unwanted plastic into cash is much more efficient than the "old school" methods. Things like “buy anything just to spend bonuses” or exchange gift cards using Reddit or Craigslist.

These simple actions will bring order to your desk and give you the perfect opportunity to indulge in something you've been wanting but not allowed before. Do not store unnecessary plastic in the form of gift cards, turn it into something useful and relevant for you!