Why you should sell your unwanted gift card

We all have dreams about some things or services that we are hesitant to pay for within our regular monthly budget. Perhaps you are hoping that someday at work you will receive a congratulatory envelope containing a small plastic card. And she will definitely help to get the coveted branded sweatshirt from the collection of the Instagram star. After paying a commission for your free money, you will dispose of the gift card at your discretion and with pleasure.

But in practice, things can go quite differently. You will notice, quite by chance, that the young intern is quickly collecting signatures on a birthday card (yes, they are preparing one for you). And after that, get another gift card to a chain restaurant around the corner, where you have already been countless times. And yes, the certificate will be affixed to the company's letterhead with the standard phrase "We really appreciate your business." And after that, someone is surprised: “Oh, why is there such a low level of loyalty among millennials?”

A thoughtless gift won't ruin your mood


You can’t afford to be upset about receiving a bonus certificate that you don’t need. This gift card can be turned into useful and necessary cash. To do this, check its balance and use a special service. At the moment there are quite a few of them, just type in the search bar “sell a gift card for cash”. For example, the website promises to return up to 92% of the face value of an unnecessary certificate.

Perhaps you are tormented by doubts: “Will I become an ungrateful employee if I sell a gift card that was handed to me at work?”. No, you won't. Do not allow such thoughts to take hold of you even for a moment. On the contrary, by turning useless plastic into useful cash or relevant gift cards, you will help your employers congratulate you individually and meaningfully.

Even at work, there can be many situations where selling a gift card would be a smart and correct decision. Let's consider a couple of options.

Unlikely Scenario #1

Your boss urgently needed some special coffee, because she is not a fan of drinking a drink from a nearby establishment. “And this is what they call coffee?” the boss would only ask. And then, as luck would have it, it turned out that she forgot her wallet.

You'll want to help out your older colleague, so be prepared to pay $8-$10 for some fancy almond milk frappe or something. Believe me, rather than spend your savings, it would be better if you used the money from a gift card.

Unlikely Scenario #2

You are sick of the kitchen in your usual buffet at work. Standing in line with Bill from accounting, you shudder to imagine how you will bite off the winded turkey (for the umpteenth time). But what can you do? After all, the budget is so limited, and trips to the popular smoothie bar are not yet affordable for you.

And here's the wrong one! You could afford this if you first checked the balance of your gift card and then decided to sell it. It turns out that it had a whopping $200 on it, which, even with the deducted commission, will still allow you to have a good lunch several times.

And such situations can arise as much as you like, we just gave a couple of examples when turning an unnecessary card into cash would be the right decision. It is not difficult to do this, you just need to enter the certificate data and in a short time, you will receive money that you can spend on the goods and services you need.