Can you buy a gift card with another gift card? We have an answer

A gift card is convenient for everyone: both the giver and the recipient. The first saves his time and does not suffer from the choice of a gift, the second spends money consciously on things he really needs.

But it happens that even the most versatile gift cards are not suitable for their owners. Or they urgently need other goods or services. For example, a young family needs to buy a wardrobe as soon as possible, and not visit a trendy spa. That's when the owners think about how to return the gift card to the store and get cash. We suggest that you consider ways to obtain a certificate that suits you at the expense of an unused old one.

Possible alternative

Nowadays, there are a sufficient number of online services where you can sell and buy, and exchange your gift cards.

At the same time, you need to be aware that such a certificate is a variant of a prepaid debit card, on which money was put to pay for certain purchases in the future. Nobody forbids taking these funds to purchase another gift card. There are several suitable ways to do this.

Where is the best place to exchange or sell a certificate for purchases

If you have an old bonus or another gift card that you do not plan to sell for its intended purpose, it is better to sell it and buy an actual gift card with the proceeds. Some services are more suitable for this than others:

• Ebay. This site will allow you to set the desired price for your card. The advantage of the platform is a large number of interested buyers.
• Exchange on Reddit. A huge number of users of this forum allows you to find those who want to exchange almost anything. The site has a special section on the exchange, sale, and purchase of gift cards, you go there. Describe your certificate and indicate what you would like to receive for it.

To avoid unnecessary costs and problems, carefully read the terms of use of each specific gift card. Instead of storing an unnecessary certificate for months, you can exchange it for one that will benefit you, because cards create stash gifts, remember this!